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Scratch My Back by Piddling

As I browse the myriad of good photographs on the site, I keep an eye out for one that will arrest my attention, and this one did. The composition and the model's pose and facial expression combined to form a very strong image. I appreciate how the sun backlights the model. The only problem that I see is the lighting and exposure. In order to keep the background from being totally washed out, the model had to be underexposed. The reflector on her and the dodging in post production just weren't enough to get sufficient light into the shadow areas. Thus, I give only three stars for technique. But everything else works to make it a strong, vibrant image. I'm wondering if it might have been even better to use a long lens, move the camera away from the model, and get some compression and a shallow DOF. Overall, it's a very good image - strong enough to arrest my attention among the many other good images on the site. Kudos to the photographer and the model.
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Mike-Williams Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Professional Photographer
it unfair by mistake.. sorry :)
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